HEMAC has launched its factsheet project intended to give little introductions to specific sources and areas of HEMA study.

No.001 Fiore dei Liberi's Longsword
by Matt Easton - 2012
No.002 Pugilism
by Martin Austwick - 2012
No.003 I.33
by Herbert Schmidt - 2012
No.004 Master Cuts - Lichtenauer
by Ing. Harald Winter - 2012
No.005 George Silver
by Martin Austwick - 2012
No.006 Fiore dei Liberi's Dagger
by Mark Lancaster - 2012
No.007 French Cavalry Sabre
by Ju Garry- 2012
No.008 British Military Sabre
by Matt Easton- 2012
No.009 Nürnberg's Wrestling
by Alexander Pierre- 2013
No.010 Salvator Fabris' Lo Schermo
by Rob Runacres- 2013
No.011 Monomachia Di Francesco Altoni
by Iacopo Venni- 2013